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Hi there and welcome!

On this site you can find out about art, music, editors & games that I've created since I once started out on the unforgettable Commodore 64 back in the 80's. I've been involved in pretty much all aspects of game development, from concept and game design, to programming, graphics, music and sound effects.

To be able to work and publish my games independently I started Arcade Lab in 2003. After releasing the 2 first games Superstar Chefs and Digi Pool on my own, my brother Daniel joined and started to help out. The company form changed, and the new legal name became Swedish Game Development AB. The company now runs and operates Arcade Lab, Mac Joy and Donut Games.

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2022-05-11 ... Donut 80 is a collection of games and demakes made with the new framework I'm working on.

2019-12-03 ... Birk's Adventure is an attempt to casualize what was done with Vulture Island. The game has been nearly finished for some time, but waiting for the final music and tweaking from Daniel.

2018-06-01 ... After some forth and back I realize that it's better to rewrite the game maker from scratch.

2017-10-10 ... While playing classic co-op games with my daugther on the NES and C64 we found out that there are to few of them. So I've done artwork and started to code on a collection of new ones.

2017-04-12 ... Footy Golf is a wacky combination of Soccer and Golf played on the street, in space and a couple of other pixelated environments.

2016-10-03 ... Starts to work on a new game maker.

2016-09-12 ... Vulture Island uploaded to the AppStore. A very experimental project were I've tried to create the kind of game I wanted to play as a kid. Did everything myself for this one including graphics, music and coding.

2015-11-22 ... The sequel to one of our biggest hits was released today. Traffic Rush 2 is the first game to use the new voxel editor and 3D engine.

2015-03-12 ... Micro Battles becomes a trilogy. Daniel, Micke and Rodrigo now have programmed one of the titles each and I've had the privilege to draw all the blocky pixel graphics. It's been a cool little session of mini games development.

2015-01-22 ... Me and Rodrigo have started to work on a voxel editor.

2014-12-16 ... More big pixels, and more head to head fun in Micro Battles 2. Just like the first game everything is controlled with a single button.

2014-10-21 ... With inspiration from early consoles like Atari 2600, Phillips G7000 and Intellivision we decided to put together a mix of head to head mini games, suitable for todays mobile market. We call it Micro Battles!

2014-10-07 ... I've started to work on a new editor to create music and soundeffects similar to the Commodore 64 SID chip.

2014-07-23 ... A game were you explore one large map, instead of many seperate levels is something I've wanted to do for many years. Many of my favorite C64 games worked this way and been a major inspiration for Traps N Gemstones.

2014-03-20 ... After updating the original Monkey Flight a couple of weeks ago, it's time for the sequel. Monkey Flight 2 is loaded with 3 new level packs. All graphics have been replaced to give the game a fresh new look.

2013-11-13 ... Charlie is back! Sunday Lawn Seasons is this years Christmas release from Donut Games. The first game took place in the summer, while this new game deals with the other 3 seasons.

2013-10-28 ... Got interviewed by Christian Clarke from AmigaPD.com about some of my old Amiga games from the 90's. You can read the interview here.

2013-09-10 ... Beach Games becomes the first Donut Game to be released for both iPhone, Android and Windows 8 at the same time.

2013-03-21 ... Lucky Coins (DG01) becomes the first game to be released for Android. More to come in the following weeks.

2013-02-12 ... A selection of Donut Games merch is now available from Zazzle.

2012.12.13 ... It has become a tradition to launch a new Ratty game every Christmas and this year is no exception. Rat on a Jet Ski becomes the 5th game in the series, and features several new ways to control the rat and his new vehicle.

2012.10.25 ... Donut Games is teaming up with Microsoft for the european launch of Windows 8. Rat on a Skateboard is one of the Apps that will be demonstrated on the event, and we are excited to bring our games to this new platform.

2012.10.03 ... New website for Donut Games. A total redesign, and more relevant for todays activity. Online and downloadable games is removed.

2012.09.01 ... Donut Games been quite busy lately with preparing our games for new platforms and widescreen support. Support for joypad devices like the iCade is on the way as well.

2012.05.23 ... Monkey Ninja is a hard game that requires timing. Inspired by old C64 games like Hunchback and Snoopy you need pixel perfect planning to beat every room. Coder style effects like the Ninja exploding when you loose is intentional to bring back the memories.

2012.04.16 ... Bubble Pig uploaded to the AppStore. This game takes place in a hybrid fairytale world. Many sources of inspirations were used for this game: the classic theme of pigs and wolves, as well as cartoons I remember from my childhood like Road Runner.

2012.04.02 ... More than 100 million Donut Games have been downloaded on iOS.

2012.03.16 ... Action driver was released today, and makes up a triology of endless games together with the previously released Action Hero & Action Buggy. This game somehow ended up reminding me of good old Spy Hunter.

2012.02.15 ... Challenge your simultaneous capacity with Fishbowl Racer, the first game this year. This is also the first game Mikael have coded from scratch for DG. Live in the AppStore today, hooray!

2011.12.15 ... Jailhouse Jack features a new kind of gameplay were you can rewind (YouTube style) and then change everything you do back and forth. This makes up for some interesting ways to travel in time and remake the future. Uploaded to the AppStore today.

2011.11.10 ... Rat on a Snowboard uploaded to the AppStore. Lots of tweaking had to be done to get this game good enough, but it ended up as the 4th and probably most fun Rat game so far!

2011.08.29 ... Frogbert is a platform game with a control mechanism that lets the maincharacter jump and catch flies by using different zones of the screen. The game was uploaded to the AppStore today.

2011.07.04 ... Penguin in a Bathtub is a new bonus game that comes free with the latest Icy Escort update.

2011.06.14 ... Urban Ninja is updated with 2 new game modes called Ninja Slide and Bubble Ride. Both modes contains new gameplay elements as well as random generated levels.

2011.05.25 ... Mexiball is the 27th Donut Game to go live in the AppStore. Roll, sort and connect balls to solve puzzles in an environment that works really sweet with the touch screen.

2011.04.27 ... The latest version of Traffic Rush contains a brand new mode called Rail Rush.

2011.04.15 ... Chicken & Egg is ported to the iPhone and becomes our first game with Retina graphics / Game Center support. The new iPhone version contains a bonus game called Egg Juggler, as well as new levels, graphics and gameplay elements.

2011.04.01 ... A lot of time have been spent on updating our games with Retina graphics + Game Center support lately. With 25 games (as well as new ones) that all have to be redrawn in twice as high resolution it's going to be a lot pixels to be pushed. The games that is done so far looks great on the iPad.

2011.03.01 ... Mikael is back at Donut Games, to help us bring even more joy to the gaming world.

2011.02.12 ... Donut Games is moving to new offices. More rooms and more space, including a dedictaded music room will make up a nice place to be creative in.

2011.01.13 ... First game uploaded to the AppStore this year is Cave Bowling. A new game sporting the same kind of tweaking gameplay as well as the same physics engine present in Cat Physics.

2010.11.15 ... Ratty is back in his 3rd game for the iPhone called Rat on a Skateboard. The game features 3 different modes, were 2 of the them are endless and random generated, and the last one is a set of challenges.

2010.09.23 ... Urban Ninja uploaded to the AppStore. This game is based on one of several concepts that started to take form after a brainstorm session a couple of years ago. Another concept that came after this session was Spikey's Bounce Around. In their most basic gameplay mechanics, you can see that both games are based on a similar control scheme.

2010.06.24 ... A huge update to Castle Smasher went live today. All the graphics have been reworked for higher resolution, as well as tons of new content have been added. The new version features 50 challenges and a bonus game, in comparence to the original 5 level flash version from 2007.

2010.05.19 ... Our first game using the new inhouse physics engine is uploaded to the AppStore. The game titled Cat Physics is a puzzle game were you have to rearrange a set of arrows, to make sure a checkered little ball can roll safely from one cat to the other.

2010.03.25 ... Action Buggy is a follow up to Action Hero released last year. Both games sports the same kind of endless, random generated levels. The game was uploaded to the AppStore today and once you played it, you will most likely want to give it just one more try. The question is, how far can you reach in the rocky landscape?

2010.03.04 ... Paracute, Comet Racer and Superstar Chefs is now available for iPhone.

2010.02.10 ... Sweet Dreams is a new bonus game that comes with the latest Sunday Lawn update.

2009.12.23 ... Star Pilot is a new bonus game that comes with the latest Jungle Crash Land update.

2009.11.25 ... Rat on a Scooter XL uploaded to the AppStore. After making Rat on the Run free for a limited time, the included bonusgame Rat on a Scooter become hugely popular and praised. So we felt we just had to give the audience more of this lovely little rat and his scooter. 3 new game modes as well as the ability to make stunts and an extra jump in the air is included in the new XL version.

2009.11.03 ... Action Hero is a comic style timing game that puts your reflexes to the test. For this game I tried a graphics style that is a bit different and use an extremely simplified and high contrast palette. Overall, most of my graphics gone towards higher contrast, and fewer but more saturated colors the last years. The game was uploaded to the AppStore today.

2009.09.28 ... Titanic Rescue uploaded to the AppStore. It's another project with several years old graphics that finally got used.

2009.09.03 ... Paracute is based on one of my early Commodore 64 games called Crazy Cave Jumper. Since the fastest way to scroll with the built in Basic Programming Language of the C64 was to insert text or characters at the bottom of the screen, games where the background scrolled upwards was the natural thing to do. So a parachute jumper was as suitable as could be. Paracute went live on the Donut Games site today.

2009.08.31 ... Cows in Space is a new game based on the Digi Pool physics code. It will be uploaded to the AppStore this week. Other new games for the iPhone are conversions of Icy Escort, Alice Greenfingers, Gold Miner Joe and Spikeys Bounce Around. New content (more levels, graphics, music and extra features) have been added to most of the iPhone games, making them stand out from the online versions.

2009.07.02 ... Traffic Rush is our first game exclusively designed for the iPhone and its touchscreen in mind. The game was uploaded to the AppStore today.

2009.06.25 ... Rat on a Scooter is a new mini game included in the iPhone version of Rat on the Run. It was uploaded to the AppStore today and is our 7th game for the iPhone. Lucky Coins, Castle Smasher, Monkey Flight, Sunday Lawn, Jungle Crash Land and Bricks of Camelot is the other ones.

2009.04.06 ... I've been waiting for a machine like the iPhone for several years, a handheld device that is both powerful as well as easy to develop and publish for. So boy I'm glad to report that our first title, a port of Lucky Coins got released for it today.

2009.03.04 ... Monkey Flight is a less season related version of Rudolphs Kick n' Fly, and went online today.

2009.02.06 ... It's hard to believe that almost 2 years past without any new Donut games. But today, Comet Racer was released. It's the first of several new games for the site.

2008.09.25 ... Finally, our new website for Donut Games is online. A lot of work have been put into it, and it's a big improvement over the old one that didn't have much of community features. There are new games for it on the way as well, so stay tuned.

2008.09.18 ... She is back! The girl with the blond pigtails makes an eagerly awaited return in Alice Greenfingers 2. Many fans have been asking for a sequel, and I hope they are as happy as us how it turned out.

2008.09.11 ... Retailboxes for Alice Greenfingers arrived at the office today.

2008.07.04 ... Once again, Arcade Lab have started a trend in the casual market. With the release and success of Alice Greenfingers, there are now similar farm games coming out almost every week.

2008.05.16 ... Tropico Jong was released today. It's a theme based Mahjong adventure, with a nice relaxing feeling to it. Must say it feels great to have a new download game out.

2007.12.15 ... The year is comming to an end, and there is quite a few things that didn't fit into this years release schedule. From an optimistic perspective, that only means more to come next year instead :) There is several download games that is "almost finished", as well as a major update for Donut Games to be expected in a not to distant future.

2007.11.15 ... I've got a new toy to play with, a Yamaha Motif XS Synthesizer. It's a fantastic machine, with great sounds for all kind of music styles. My hope is that I will get the time to start to contribute with some music and jingles again, for some of the games.

2007.09.21 ... Added a gallery with sprites, and updated the site design.

2007.09.17 ... Alice Greenfingers breaks 100 days on the Reflexive Best Seller Top 10, according to Game Sales Chart

2007.09.05 ... Donut Games been developing a couple of games with American Greetings, featuring the Care Bears. The games are now live and available to play on AG's new website.

2007.08.28 ... Jason Kapalka from Popcap make a visit to the office, and brings a bunch of Chuzzles in different colors with him. My dog simply love the one she got... in fact, so much that she already chewed up one of it's eyes.

2007.08.20 ... Alice Greenfingers is the #1 casual game at the moment, topping charts everywere. 5 weeks as #1 on Logler's Global Casual Games Top 10, based on top ten information from all major portals.

2007.05.30 ... This months new Donut game is called Lucky Coins. It's a twist on the coin subgame we did for Spin & Play. The playfield now have vertical scrolling and is built from several screens packed with bonuses and pinball style elements.

2007.05.10 ... Who is Alice? Well, It's neither the one in wonderland, or the one in a famous TV show. It's the main character of our new download game Alice Greenfingers. A simulation game were you harvest, decorate and build up your own little farm. The game have taken us quite a while to finish, with about 18 months in development. Our inhouse testers got so captured by the beta version, that you didn't hear a sound from them in hours, except... click, click, click...

2007.04.30 ... Summer is getting closer, weather is fine, and it's time to pick out the lawnmower from the garage! If you don't have a mower, or maybe not even a lawn to cut, then you can always play the latest Donut game called Sunday Lawn instead.

2007.03.27 ... We've been busy working on our download games lately, so Donut Games been a bit slow. But just in time for Easter comes Chicken & Egg. The concept is 1 of 4 puzzle concepts I did in the same period as Funny Faces, and now when the art is at least 3 years old, you can finally play it. Hooray!

2007.01.27 ... Castle Smasher was released yesterday. Based on an old idea I've had for years. The game plays a bit like a sidescrolling breakout, were you use a catapult instead of a paddle.

2007.01.20 ... I've started to work on a new design for the Arcade Lab site, as the current one starts to look a bit dated.

2007.01.17 ... Retail boxes for Spin & Play and Bricks of Egypt 2 arrived at the office today. I'll add some photos of them on the media page soon.

2007.01.01 ... It's a new year, and 20 years since I finished Blast Force, my first game in assembler... yikes!... time flies... Last year sure was a productive year, with 17 new projects finished and released.

2006.12.15 ... Icy Escort becomes the second christmas game at Donut Games. A one button game featuring some icy tile graphics that originally was made for one of the early Arcade Lab concepts.

2006.12.01 ... Rudolphs Kich n' Fly went live today. A little christmas game starring Rudolph the reindeer. Happy XMas everyone!